Seanna’s research focuses on the impact of early life experiences on longer-term developmental outcomes. Specifically, she’s interested in exploring how physiological changes during gestation alter offspring phenotype and neurobiological development. Her research involves a collaboration between two universities and the use of two different research models: human infants and Northern bobwhite quail. Seanna is a Behavioral Neuroscience student at Florida Atlantic University, working under the guidance of Nancy Jones. In Dr. Jones’ WAVES Emotion Lab, they investigate the physiological underpinnings, such as hormonal contributions, that influence socio-emotional development in infants.

     Seanna is also collaborating with Dr. Robert Lickliter’s Developmental Psychobiology Lab at Florida International University, where she is researching the influence of maternally derived hormones on social recognition and perceptual learning and memory in Bobwhite quail. She aspires to help bridge the gap between translational and human research by using animal models to understand the underlying mechanisms involved in these processes, while later applying that knowledge to developmental research in humans.

Seanna Bellinger

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