Principal Investigator

Dr. Lickliter conducts research on the development of intersensory perception in animal and human infants, with a particular interest in the role of selective attention in perceptual processing, learning, and memory. His research also focuses on the influence of prenatal sensory stimulation on neural, physiological, and behavioral development. His theoretical efforts have addressed the assumptive base of the nature-nurture debate, the role of experience in development, the relations between developmental and evolutionary theory, and the history of developmental thinking in biology and psychology.

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Graduate Researchers

Undergraduate Assistants

Sophia Perez

Abdullah Ahmad

Hana Shah

Laura Valdivia

Nashya Linares

Lucia Martinez

Kevin Grant

Undergraduate Assistants (Alumni)

Jennifer Cecili

Douglas Gramajo

Ivanka Acosta

Sebastian Salinas

      Taelor Aasen

Daniel Pulido

Haleigh Ross

    Carolina Rosell

Marien Govea

Nicolle Rodriguez

Leonel Gonzalez

Cristobal Carrera

Barbara Ortega

Amanda Martinez

Melissa Valdes

Natalie Mendez

 Gretel Paez

Madison Matsuda

Richard Lawrence

Douglas Gramajo