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Experimental testing


Each research assistant (RA) helps to maintain the health and well-being of the animals. This entails close monitoring of incubation conditions and postnatal care. 


DPB lab participation requires a minimum GPA of 3.4 

RAs will be assigned to a project within the lab. RAs are expected to actively participate in data collection, analysis and other aspects of the scientific process. Project assignment will be based on RA availability and personal interest. 



Commitment of at least two semesters and a minimum commitment of at least 10hrs/week during that period. 

How to apply

RAs can opt to count their lab hours as research credits (PSY 4916), receive mentorship to design and conduct your own project, and attend professional conferences. 


Reasonable effort to attend lab meeting and journal club participation. 

Fill out the application using the link below

We are currently not looking for RAs but please fill out an application and we will reach out to you when we resume hiring.

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