A Team Effort

To Go One Step Further

The training potential of the DPB lab is extraordinary. Besides state-of-the-art research, our work promotes critical skills for our future scientific careers, including leadership, independent thinking, collaborative work, and collegiality.

The Team

aka The Quail Whisperer
Dr. Robert Lickliter

Principal Investigator of DPB Lab

Abdullah Ahmad
aka Quailistanian

Lab manager, computer programmer, and avid book reader. 

Atefeh photo - Atefeh Karimi.jpg

I am a Developmental Psychology PhD student, fascinated with science and very scared of running out of questions to look for their answers in my life. Family, books and movies are my three favorite things to spend time with.

Atefeh Karimi
aka Inquailitive
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Van Quailen- Laura Ahl.jpeg
Laura Ahl
aka Van Quailen

Hi! My name is Laura and I am junior studying Biomedical Engineering. In my free time I like to go outside and explore.

Hebah Bushra- creative chick.jpg
Hebah Bushra

I am currently pursuing a double major in Biological Sciences and Natural and Applied Sciences with a minor in Chemistry. My hobbies include painting, photography, volunteering at a free clinic, and exploring the outdoors!

aka Creative Chick
aka Chickitita
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Nashya Linares

Senior Research Assistant.

I'm interested in developmental learning and memory and hope to pursue a Ph.D. in the field.

Danna Loor- Quirky quail.jpg
aka Quirky Quail
Danna Loor

I am an honors college student on the pre-health track dual majoring in Psychology and Natural & Applied Sciences with a minor in Chemistry. My career goal is to become an obstetrician. I work as a General Chemistry LA and a CHM1020L TA. I like to hang out with my family and friends, read, and volunteer.

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Stephanie Aloy - Chicklit.jpeg
Stephanie Aloy
aka Chicklit

Hey everyone, I’m a 3rd year biology major who’s always had a curious fascination with psychology. I love learning new things and like to garden succulents and read in my free time :)

aka Quailien
Amanda Hernandez

Hi! I’m currently a second-year biology major in the Pre-Med track. I plan to attend medical school once I get my bachelors degree while continuing some form of research. I enjoy volunteering, sharing time with my friends and family, and becoming more knowledgeable in science.

aka Quiet Quail
Gabriela Logo

I'm currently a third-year biology major. I plan on pursuing research in the field of zoology. I enjoy being outdoors and am also an animal lover.

Gabriela Loriga - Invisiquail.jpg
Gabriela Loriga
aka Chickpea

Hi! I am a Psychology/ Natural and Applied Science major and an aspiring physician associate. I love reading, napping, baking, and traveling.

Melissa Hernandez - Quailmore girl.jpeg
Melissa Hernandez
aka Quailmore Girl

I’m a biology major on a pre-med track. I hope to become a neonatologist someday. During my free time, I love shopping, reading, baking, crocheting, and making jewelry!

quaility assurance - Alejandro Martinez.png
aka Quaility Assurance

In love with science and salsa dancing. Working towards my personal growth and the opportunity to help those in need.

Alejandro Martinez
 Alex Giles - Quailblazer.jpeg
aka Quailblazer

I’m a biomedical engineering student who’s always ready to learn! I’m passionate about justice and helping those in need. In my leisure I enjoy reading, skating, powerlifting, and sharpening my chess skills.

Alex Giles
inquailable- Katie Ledesma.jpg
aka Inquailable

I'm a 4th year student majoring in Behavioral Neuroscience. On my free time I enjoy rollerskating.

Katie Ledesma
Graziquaila- jasmine graziela.PNG
aka Graziquaila

I am a senior at FIU double majoring in psychology and criminal justice and minoring in biology. I intend to obtain a PhD in behavioral neuroscience and do research in this field.

Jasmine Graziela
IMG_6861 - Nahomy Blanquicett.JPG
aka Chicken Little

I am a rising sophomore majoring in Neuroscience on the pre-med track. I love flowers, going to the beach, reading, and taking pictures of everything around me. I hope to become a psychiatrist one day, and overall just have a positive impact on the world <3.

Nahomy Blanquicett
Eric Sokhn- chick magnet.jpg
aka Chick Magnet

Graduated from the Honors College at FIU. My interests include cognitive and behavioral neuroscience, and I enjoy travelling, sports, and skydiving.

Eric Sokhn
A764FB6D-5775-4F8A-98AF-C03CD8D09881 - Vanessa Moscoso.jpeg
aka Candid Chick


Vanessa Moscoso

I am a Biological Sciences major on the pre-med track. I love helping others and aspire to become a pediatrician one day. On my free time I enjoy volunteering, reading, photography, and playing volleyball!

Recent Graduates

aka Quailman
John Paul Currea

Graduated with a Ph.D. from FIU. Currently a Post-Doctoral Researcher at UCLA

Our Alumni

  • Cristobal Carrera - (Undergraduate RA)

  • Douglas Gramajo - (Undergraduate RA)

  • Laura Valdivia - (Undergraduate RA)

  • Barbara Ortega - (Undergraduate RA)

  • Jennifer Cecili - (Undergraduate RA)

  • Fernando Davalos - (Undergraduate RA)

  • Daniela Pulido - (Undergraduate RA)

  • Leonel Gonzalez - (Undergraduate RA)

  • Faith Sola - (Undergraduate RA)

  • Haileigh Ross - (Undergraduate RA)

  • Madison Matsuda - (Undergraduate RA)

  • Ivanka Acosta - (Undergraduate RA)

  • Carolina Rosell - (Undergraduate RA)

  • Chelsy Obrer - (Undergraduate RA)

  • Nicole Perez - (Undergraduate RA)

  • Richard Lawrence - (Undergraduate RA)

  • Sebastian Salinas - (Undergraduate RA)

  • Marien Govea - (Undergraduate RA)

  • Amanda Martinez - (Undergraduate RA)

  • Natalie Mendez - (Undergraduate RA)

  • Amanda Del Risco - (Undergraduate RA)

  • Seanceray Bellinger - (Graduate RA)

  • Taelor Aasen - (Undergraduate RA)

  • Nicolle Rodriguez - (Undergraduate RA)

  • Melissa Valdes - (Undergraduate RA)

  • Gretel Paez - (Undergraduate RA)

  • Kevin Grant - (Undergraduate RA)

  • Lucia Martinez- (Undergraduate RA)

  • Diana Garcia - (Undergraduate RA)

  • Nicole Stone (Undergraduate RA)

  • Steffanie Braun (Undergraduate RA)

  • Hana Shah (Undergraduate RA)

  • Edith Gonzalez (Undergraduate RA)

  • Nahara Rivera (Undergraduate RA)

  • Stacey Wong (Undergraduate RA)

  • Maria Piantini (Undergraduate RA)

  • Liz Karolina Martinez  (Undergraduate RA)

  • Sarah Malykke - (Undergraduate RA)

  • Alex Giles - (Undergraduate RA)